"John Weldon and his staff are excellent! Ginny is awesome and Brie is a delight. If your looking for a no nonsense CPA firm you have made a great choice. My wife and I have been very pleased with john Weldon's firm and staff. They will take great care of you and more importantly they are very good at what they do!"

- John Q., Anaheim, CA

"Five years ago a friend referred us to his tax accountant John Weldon when we started having more complex itemized deductions and the dreaded alternative minimum tax started to kick in. John and his office staff are always friendly and helpful. He makes his job look easy even though we know it's not. Now tax time has become a simple 1 hour appointment with John instead of weeks struggling with tax prep software. The fee is well worth getting back the 20-30 hours of time we used to waste doing it ourselves, not to mention the additional marital tension that seemed to surface during the painful process. For the fastest service keep tax related documents in one or more file folders during the year, although I'm sure John would still greet you with a smile even if you walked in with everything in one big brown paper bag."

- Darla G., Los Angeles, CA

"After moving to Southern California, we had to send multiple pound packages to our long time CPA in No Cal. We were a little weary finding someone new because our taxes are so complicated. We have 2 rental properties plus our residence, salaried + consulting jobs, have lots of deductions for charitable donations, school and expenses and have multiple retirement accounts. My coworker who is the dir. of our financial research dept. referred us to John. His fees were about $70 more than our longtime CPA, but I am sure that expense is covered. John does a good job turning over stones we never knew existed and does an excellent job of walking the line between accounting for what we honestly owe and what we rightfully deserve in refunds."

- Shannon P., Santa Monica, CA